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White rabbit sex

A veterinary formulated liquid calcium supplement [40] with vitamin D3 and magnesium can be given mixed with the rabbit's drinking water, once or twice per week, according to the veterinarian's instructions. Lacking pads on the bottoms of its feet, a rabbit requires its claws for traction. The exposed skin in turn can result in tender areas or, in severe cases, open sores, which may then become infected and abscessed if not properly cared for. Molting and chewing fur can be a predisposing factor in the occurrence of GI stasis, however, the primary cause is the change in motility of the gut. These should be filed down by an experienced exotic veterinarian specialised in rabbit care, using a dental burr, for example.

White rabbit sex

Dental disease has several causes, namely genetics , inappropriate diet , injury to the jaw , infection , or cancer. Declawing[ edit ] A rabbit cannot be declawed. This can be reversible and treatable. There are three main causes of malocclusion , most commonly genetic predisposition , injury, or bacterial infection. In humans, dopamine is released through a variety of acts, including sexual activity, substance abuse , and even eating chocolate. Because of the misaligned nature of the rabbit's teeth, there is no normal wear to control the length to which the teeth grow. In the case of congenital malocclusion, treatment usually involves veterinary visits in which the teeth are treated with a dental burr a procedure called crown reduction or, more commonly, teeth clipping or, in some cases, permanently removed. Digestive system of the rabbit by Ruth Lawson, Otago Polytechnic 26 November Gastrointestinal stasis GI stasis is a serious and potentially fatal condition that occurs in some rabbits in which gut motility is severely reduced and possibly completely stopped. This is easy to diagnose as well as treat. Surgery to remove the blockage is not generally recommended and comes with a poor prognosis. Sneezing can be a sign of environmental pollution such as too much dust or a food allergy. Vaccinations exist for both rabbit hemorrhagic disease and myxomatosis. When untreated or improperly treated, GI stasis can be fatal in as little as 24 hours. Environmental pollution, corneal disease, entropion , distichiasis , or inflammation of the eyes are also causes. Pasteurella , a bacterium , is usually misdiagnosed and this is known to be a factor in the overuse of antibiotics among rabbits. However, they are recommended by some veterinarians as prophylactics , where they are legally available. Rabbits, especially neutered females and those that are kept indoors without adequate natural sunlight, can suffer from osteoporosis, in which holes appear in the skull by X-Ray imaging. Removing its claws would render it unable to stand. In some rabbits, the teeth are not properly aligned, a condition called malocclusion. Some have had deadly and widespread impact. The inability to properly chew hay can result in molar spurs, as described above, and weight loss, leading into a downward spiral if not treated promptly. Runny eyes and other conjunctival problems can be caused by dental disease or a blockage of the tear duct. The molar spurs should also be trimmed down by an experienced exotic veterinarian specialised in rabbit care, once per months depending on the case. Spayed or neutered rabbits kept indoors with proper care may have a lifespan of 8 to 12 years, with mixed-breed rabbits typically living longer than purebred specimens, and dwarf breeds having longer average lifespans than larger breeds. Lacking pads on the bottoms of its feet, a rabbit requires its claws for traction. The condition results when, over the course of time, the protective bristle-like fur on the rabbit's hocks thins down.

White rabbit sex

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