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Video about troy king youtube sex toys:

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Troy king youtube sex toys

He has become a target of a Troy King vendetta, according to Harper's. Spencer Bachus ended up giving the introduction, while a furious King's tantrums had worn out those around him. I think that Troy may not have any experience with devices used in sexual pleasure, so, I am starting a crusade to introduce Troy King to the fabulous world of ben-wa balls, rubber weiners and pocket tooties. What's up with a guy so vindictive, so petty, so insecure that he has to have his press agent answer some crackpot 2, miles away when I put up a second video showing him in a less than flattering light? If you have read this far, that means you. According to the article, King "played a very curious role in installing his former client, Congressman Bob Riley, as Governor in the face of mounting evidence of election fraud in Baldwin County. I did move back to Southside for a brief period in the late s to open a book store, newsstand and coffee bar and launch a free-lance journalism career after becoming disillusioned with the state of newspapers in my home state. The "gift" was not reported to the Alabama Ethics Commission.

Troy king youtube sex toys

I learned an interesting thing today, from the office of the Alabama Attorney General People began to send in donations in lieu of a subscription price through PayPal. Grant a little power to a little mind, and this is what you get, folks Loretta got some coverage from Dame Magazine on her "Sex Toys For Troy King" campaign, in which Loretta encouraged everyone to send the Attorney General a sex toy of their choice -- a brilliant bit of political theater. I studied up on what was out there, then found a programmer in Homewood who was running a server out of a little computer shop, and started chasing the headlines on a new domain, LocustFork. Now, I only have six words to say to AG King about his anti-dildo crusade.. For readers surfing in from various places be sure not to miss yesterday's editorial cartoon. Magazine Premium created by c. Elliott said he was inspired to create the YouTube video after reading a blog written by one-time third-party gubernatorial candidate and marijuana advocate Loretta Nall, in which she described sending King an inflatable pig sex aid last year. We're seeing rules of the game changing and they're not totally written yet. And Troy made a rookie mistake: The Press-Register first wrote about Nall's sex toy campaign last year. They are your rights, and my rights. But the system in Alabama works hard against that obvious and basic premise. See you down the road from the New American Journal. I mean I stopped reading newspapers in print in and have since sworn off most news coverage on television, national and local. I bet this is why he objects to DNA testing, ya know? So I started wondering. The "gift" was not reported to the Alabama Ethics Commission. King claimed it wasn't a conflict of interest, and was "no different than a campaign contribution, which politicians get all the time. As for Nall's proposed mail-in campaign, Bence said the only sex toy mailed to King's office was the inflatable pig. Any other attitude would inevitably result in failure. Next thing I know, I'm being interviewed by leading Alabama newspaper The Tuscaloosa News , and as I told them, as a native Alabamian myself, I really hate when some ignorant, pea-brained yokel like King makes the state a laughingstock. Unfortunately, it's not a joke, so there's no punchline. I want to encourage all of my readers to purchase a sex toy of some sort and send it to Alabama Attorney General Troy King.

Troy king youtube sex toys

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