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Video about the ritual sex abuse hoax:

Satan on trial: Cult heads accused of sexual abuse & violence

The ritual sex abuse hoax

The suspects were accused of filming the children engaged in sexual acts with 'Satanic' overtones. By , thanks largely to feminist efforts to create and publicize reporting systems, the government tallied almost 43, cases of sex abuse annually, up from a few thousand only a few years earlier. For conservatives, they are literally sinful, and since moral traditionalists hate public day-care, a right-wing impulse to demonize childcare workers is not surprising. She recalled going to CII during the investigation, and how the therapists kept suggesting the details of ritual sex games before they even started up the tape recorder. Direct reposting requests to mc ncrj. Some of these were hoaxes or fabrications by attention-seeking kids.

The ritual sex abuse hoax

Serious research was no help. So were the comments of jurors like Darryl Hutchins: They pressed on anyway. So imaginable in fact that a rash of similar cases surfaced across the country. Aiming for greater respectability, many now believe that the fanciful, Satanic aspects of the alleged abuse were a cover devised by ingenious paedophiles to confuse their victims and make them less believable, or a confabulation caused incidentally while recovering memories of actual abuse. But in , few were thinking about such issues — conventional wisdom was that since children are innocent beings, they never lie about sexual abuse. Religious belief in child-torturing conspiracies of devil worshippers — whether Christian, Jewish, or Satanist — has flowered and withered since the early days of the Church. They have told their children, over and over again, that they were abused, then rewarded them for acting traumatized. His lawyer claimed 13 Satanic covens existed in the area, holding bizarre orgies involving children, and that Gozenton had been followed and threatened by "coven" members throughout the court proceedings. Nevertheless, batteries of exams given to ritual abuse defendants turned up virtually nothing unusual. John Todd and Lauren Stratford also claimed to have been born into such multigenerational Satanist families, with Stratford claiming particularly horrific abuse, but both their testimonies were also found to be complete fabrications. But even before feminist anti-sex abuse efforts had begun, a national fear was growing that terrible, previously unheard of perversities were endangering children. Owen made claims about a stillborn second child buried in the family garden, but police found no human remains after digging up the plot. As for the children who sat in the light, their parents have invested years believing in demonic conspiracies and underground nursery tunnels. Their stories hardly varied: In most cases, it takes a huge stretch of the imagination to link ritual abuse defendants with incest offenders. Around the same time, ken Wooden, the Satanic conspiracy theorist, mailed information to 3, prosecutors describing what to look for in ritual abuse cases. Meanwhile, several studies reported that one out of every hundred women remembered having sex with fathers and stepfathers — and that did not even include experiences with other family members like uncles. Most male molesters and pedophiles who commit non-violent offenses score normally on psychological tests, but one would expect a Rorschach to ferret out someone remarkable about a person who rubs feces on toddlers and barbecues babies. Because the media quoted this and similar studies without explaining how diverse the reported experiences were, it suddenly seemed to the public that little kids were in imminent danger of being raped. Anxious, guilt-ridden parents formed organizations with names like Believe the Children, the group begun by the McMartin parents. And virtually all the defendants have insisted they are innocent even after generous plea bargaining. Brazilian authorities suggested that the cult was connected to Satanic groups internationally. Refiling counts that most of the jury has rejected is almost unheard of. The children sat politely. The situation was akin to the dilemma faced by inquisitors during the witch trials, when one of the biggest issues was how to physically identify a consort of Satan.

The ritual sex abuse hoax

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  1. Lawrence Pazder, coauthor of Michelle Remembers, told the San Francisco Examiner he acted as a consultant to Los Angeles police investigating McMartin and to parents nationwide; McMartin parent Jackie McGaulley has confided she met with him during the early days of the investigation.

  2. Only 18 injuries were reported nationwide during the 25 years before , the most serious one a wound requiring some stitches.

  3. At the same time, many therapists who considered themselves feminists adopted the belief that when patients bring up fantasies, dreams, or memories of coerced or brutal sex, they can never be products of the erotic imagination; they must really have happened — and anyone who says otherwise is an apologist for patriarchal violence.

  4. Clearly, the public had come to believe that something as monstrous —sounding, yet as patently absurd, as McMartin was eminently imaginable. Following her first accusations, police sent letters to parents, listing specific questions to ask their children about whether and how Ray Buckey molested them.

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