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Entity - S.E.X

The entity sex

Biography The entity's earliest known victim was Jeff Redmond, who claimed he received the curse from a girl he met in a bar. Now with a new target, the entity took the form of an elderly woman and chased Jay out of her school. The process of this change has never been seen, but the Entity will have assumed a new form by virtually every occasion it is observed by at least one cursed individual after having evaded everyone's sight even if only briefly. The Entity is immensely resistant to all forms of damage. The Entity possesses strength far beyond a regular human's, able to easily break bones and twist limbs into unnatural positions.

The entity sex

Annie would be ultimately killed by the entity on a beach after she had given up on running from it. Each attack is more or less identical. It's quite possible that it walks at a slow pace deliberately for the purpose of making its victims anxious with anticipation. Effortlessly knocking Paul aside, it followed Jay as she ran to a boathouse for safety. He would choke me and somehow make me paralyzed when I breathed his breath. It managed to grab Jay by her foot and held her underwater until Paul shot it again. Actually flailing my arms and legs to where he wants them. Although it never increases its pace beyond a slow walk, it requires no sleep and never stops pursuing its target. Only those who have been affected by the curse can see the entity even after having passed the curse on to a new victim. According to Mitchell, however, the chances of the Entity having been killed are slim. It is a supernatural being that noticeably pursues its victims at a walking pace. Now truly terrified by what she was facing, Jay evaded it by fleeing to a nearby park. Only two of its victims have been seen deceased: When injured, it may stop for a moment or fall onto the ground unconscious, but will typically recover and continue pursuing the victim. It is implied that the entity is following nearby, but ultimately remained ambiguous. First of all, it basically repeats itself a dozen times. It is almost always walking toward its target with a few exceptions where it will stand still and stare. The entity will always follow the latest victim to the curse and work its way backwards through the chain of victims in consecutive order. I covered my face with my blanket and waited for him to go away, and he did eventually. A person who possesses the curse will be stalked endlessly by the entity until it kills him or her. Instead it would resort to hurling projectiles, maintaining a safe distance. On one occasion Jay had noticed the entity standing on top of her roof posed as a fully nude old man. He would touch me sexually almost every night, even now. The Entity in the form of Jay's father, attacking her in a swimming pool. Regardless, the entity was still hunting Jay when the plan was set into motion as it appeared to her as a naked old man on her roof. It is unknown whether the entity can be killed through excessive damage, as the ending leaves its ultimate fate ambiguous.

The entity sex

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