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Taft foley houston sex

For the reasons previously stated in this memorandum opinion and order and the court's Original Order, Teal's assertion is baseless. Attorney s appearing for the Case Taft L. Officers are adequately supervised. Making all possible inferences in her favor, Teal's evidence fails to establish a genuine issue of material fact. United States District Court, S. General Order states that "[t]he highest regard possible will be given to arrested individuals. Also, in General Order , Conduct and Authority, officers are given a variety of guidelines to govern their conduct:

Taft foley houston sex

The applicant completes an extensive application form and a thorough background investigation is completed. The Stokes court "saluted the efficiency of an NCIC check but shied away from anointing it as a constitutional requirement. Officers have formal performance evaluations twice a year and supervisors are routinely in the field to assist officers with questions that arise. Teal did not respond to the City's motion for partial summary judgment. United States District Court, S. Assistant Chief George T. The same order notes that "employees will uphold this country's democratic values s embodied in the Constitution. Also, in General Order , Conduct and Authority, officers are given a variety of guidelines to govern their conduct: Subsequently, Archer resigned and pled guilty to the felony of engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct with a person in custody. General Order sets out that "employees of the Houston Police Department will treat all prisoners; suspects, and citizens in a humane and lawful manner. The court will not, "in the absence of any proof, assume that the nonmoving party could or would prove the necessary facts. She does not offer evidence to support that assertion. In her untimely response, Teal asserts the inadequacy of the City's training procedures. Officers are aware that all formalized allegations of misconduct are investigated within the Department's Internal Investigations structure. Teal, however, ignores the numerous policies mandating ethical conduct of the highest standard. Ysleta Independent School District, F. Importantly, where the movant has not met its initial burden, the nonmovant's failure to respond to a motion for summary judgment is insufficient to sustain summary judgment. Having satisfied its initial summary judgment burden, the City is entitled to judgment as a matter of law unless Teal, the nonmovant, shows by affidavits, depositions, answers to interrogatories, admissions on file, or other admissible evidence that specific facts exist over which there is a genuine issue for trial. General Order states that "[t]he highest regard possible will be given to arrested individuals. Employee's behavior will be limited to conduct that is reasonable and prudent. The General Order does not allow for deprivation of constitutional rights or the demoralization, subjugation or victimization of women. For example, General Order "advises officers that all employees will engage in behavior that is beyond ethical reproach and reflects the integrity of police professionals. Rather, Teal argues that the City's failure to produce documents or training materials specifically prohibiting "sex," "sexual contact," or "improper sexual behavior," in addition to testimony that no such documents or training materials existed, is sufficient summary judgment evidence to establish a genuine issue of material fact. Teal must show that the municipal policy must have been adopted with "deliberate indifference" to its known or obvious consequences. However, General Orders also provide guidance on the handling and transporting of prisoners that placed Defendant Archer on notice of what was expected of him. After discovering that Teal was subject to several outstanding traffic warrants, Archer placed Teal in the back of his patrol vehicle. On September 21, , the City filed this motion for partial summary judgment.

Taft foley houston sex

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