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Hyaenas Mating

Sex life pf brown hyena

Abstract Background Among mammals living in social groups, individuals form communication networks where they signal their identity and social status, facilitating social interaction. Female-biased sexual size dimorphism, in which females are the larger sex, is the norm in most animal taxa, and is often explained as an adaptation to increase fecundity Andersson ; Fairbairn ; reviewed in Fairbairn et al. In the present report, we describe the use of acoustic structure analysis, in order to determine whether the giggle of spotted hyenas encodes information about sex, age, dominance and individual identity, and if it could allow congeners to assess an emitter's social status based on its laughing cues. The rip can be fatal, as evidenced by the high death rate for first-time mothers. Conclusions The range of messages encoded in the hyena's laugh is likely to play a role during social interactions. We investigate if and how the well-known hyena's laugh, also known as the giggle call, encodes information about the emitter.

Sex life pf brown hyena

This call has been described by field observers as a submissive vocalization uttered by an individual in front of a dominant [ 39 , 49 ]. Although giving birth through a 'penis' isn't a trivial problem. Previous studies have focused on the long-distance "whoop" call, showing that it supports information related to sex and individual identity and thus may allow discrimination between clan members and alien individuals [ 48 , 51 , 53 ]. As some of these cues can potentially be correlated to fighting ability and dominance rank, the information helps congeners evaluate the emitter's social position within the group [ 18 , 29 - 38 ]. Table 1 Published accounts of sexual dimorphism, or lack thereof, in wild Crocuta crocuta. Male-biased sexual size dimorphism is the general pattern in mammals, probably due to sexual selection among competing males Darwin ; Ralls ; Alexander et al. In contrast, male mammals are usually larger on average than females of the same species, and the spotted hyena Crocuta crocuta may be one of the rare species of mammal in which females are generally larger than males. We demonstrate that female spotted hyenas are larger than males for most, but not all traits, and that females are larger because they grow faster, rather than exhibiting a prolonged period of growth. We quantified size at various points during ontogeny in individuals, the largest sample used in size analyses of spotted hyenas to date. Although, it is known that hyenas communicate through visual, chemical and acoustical modalities, there is still much to learn about the nature of exchanged information and the way it is encoded into communication signals [ 48 ]. Whatever the size of the group, however, individuals still know and regularly interact with all other clan members, Gunther said. Although they might play an important role in mediating the relationships within the clan, calls, other than the whoop, of adult hyenas have been neglected. We propose that later-maturing traits are more dimorphic because of a systemic increase in female growth rates during adolescence that persists through morphological maturity, which varies among traits. Mating among spotted hyenas doesn't coincide with specific seasons, as females have multiple estrous cycles throughout the year. Such female dominance persists in the captive colony at the University of California, Berkeley, where we conducted this study. It's not clear what exactly is involved in the sexual selection of spotted hyenas, but females do appear to prefer higher-ranking males. This disagreement may reflect differences in traits measured, methods used, or ontogenetic differences among individuals sampled for these studies. These short mounts, Gunther said, likely help the male determine if the female is still receptive and help the two get the right positioning. Female-biased dimorphism in the spotted hyena was 1st described more than 70 years ago Matthews , yet in the intervening years researchers have disagreed with regard to whether or not females are truly larger than males Table 1. But for top-dog hyena moms, a hell-raiser is preferred. Crocuta crocuta , growth , morphology , ontogeny , sexual size dimorphism , spotted hyenas Intersexual variation in body size, or sexual size dimorphism, is common in animals, and has a variety of ecological and life-history implications Promislow ; Fairbairn ; Fairbairn et al. For van Jaarsveld et al. After a couple of months of practicing, they get it lined up just right," Holekamp told LiveScience. The most common of these behaviors, Gunther said, is the approach-avoid display, in which the male will approach a female and repeatedly take a few steps toward her and then a few steps away, even if the female doesn't react to his approach. The vocal repertoire of the spotted hyena is large, with more than ten different vocalizations, many of them being graded into each other which makes them difficult to be classified [ 39 , 49 ].

Sex life pf brown hyena

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  1. Although giggles are emitted during close-range interactions between two or more individuals, they are loud and can be easily eavesdropped by other clan-mates. For instance, "whoops," with long inter-whoop intervals, are primarily used to signal separated individuals, supporting within- and between-clans acoustic interaction [ 51 , 52 ]; conversely, the "grunt" [ 39 ] "soft growl" in [ 49 ] is uttered during close meeting of clan mates and remains barely audible after a few meters of propagation.

  2. This call has been described by field observers as a submissive vocalization uttered by an individual in front of a dominant [ 39 , 49 ]. Spotted hyenas live in social groups, called clans, that may contain as many as individuals ordered in a linear dominance hierarchy in which females and their offspring are dominant to breeding males Frank ; Smale et al.

  3. Hyenas will also hunt collaboratively, for example to catch zebras [ 39 ]. Aggressiveness is a good attribute for a creature living in a society where 40 to 60 individuals scrap over food, and especially for females requiring extra energy for developing offspring.

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