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Sex chromosome aneuploidies - an overview

Sex chromosomal human aneuploids

Those with TS detected by ultrasound increased nuchal translucency or fetal hydrops exhibit a high rate of spontaneous fetal loss or associated cardiac or renal disease [ 18 , 27 ]. The classic Turner 45,X karyotype is thought to be one of the most common human chromosomal abnormalities and is estimated to occur in 0. Diagnosis of Klinefelter syndrome is performed by lymphocyte karyotype or chromosomal microarray. The majority of 47,XXY males rate themselves as more sensitive, apprehensive, and insecure than their peers. Indeed, parents may consider termination of the pregnancy while being uncertain about the prognosis for the child [ 33 , 34 ]. Generally, SCAs are diagnosed postnatally, because of developmental or behavioral impairments or decreased fertility [ 12 ]. Monosomy and trisomy, respectively, refer to instances where 1 or 3 copies of a particular chromosome are present instead of the expected 2. Early preventive management has been described; for example, induction of puberty and breast development in TS and technical advances in ART increasingly permit parenthood. Genetic mosaicisms are known to be related to mild or even complete lack of phenotypic features, and those affected may go through life without ever knowing they carry a genetic abnormality [ 21 , 25 ].

Sex chromosomal human aneuploids

The language difficulty experienced by these males possibly contributes to the challenges in behavioral and social domains [ 18 ]. To this end, we screened all SCA literature between and Aneuploidogens[ edit ] Agents capable of causing aneuploidy are called aneuploidogens. The vast majority of 47,XXY patients are azoospermic but, since the advent of surgical testicular sperm extraction and intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI technology, have the potential to be fertile. Completely inactive mitotic checkpoints may cause non-disjunction at multiple chromosomes, possibly all. Although it seems rather obvious that the outcome of a child with an incidental discovery of a sex chromosome abnormality is better than one who is diagnosed postnatally, this review of the literature since shows that counselors may reassure the parents in the knowledge that indeed all studies until now support this conclusion. Publications on the diagnosis of Tr X syndrome did not address its incidental prenatal finding and the subsequent clinical consequences. A frequent question from families concerns fertility. Results and Population Incidence Female X and Y chromosome results and population incidences are described in Table 1. With a decrease in androgen production, secondary sexual characteristics do not completely develop, and features of eunuchoidism and gynecomastia can develop. In disorders of aneuploidy e. Indeed, parents may consider termination of the pregnancy while being uncertain about the prognosis for the child [ 33 , 34 ]. Women of advanced maternal age are more likely to receive prenatal testing, and since the probability of having an XXY child increases with maternal age, there may be an over representation of 47,XXY in prenatally diagnosed populations [ 2 ]. Two women were identified with the presence of the Y chromosome, consistent with a 46,XY cell line, but the proportion of XY cells cannot be determined. However, ultrasonography can also determine fetal gender with high accuracy The majority of maternal and paternal samples originated within the United States June 23, ; Published: Occupational exposure of pesticide factory workers to fenvalerate is associated with increased spermatozoa DNA damage. In this situation, the individual would have three copies of part of one chromosome two normal copies and the portion that exists on the derivative chromosome and only one copy of part of the other chromosome involved in the derivative chromosome. Most, but not all XXY males, are infertile with small testicles, increased numbers of Leydig cells, tubular sclerosis, and interstitial fibrosis of varying degrees [ 5 ]. The loss or gain of genetic material can affect all daughter cells or it may be partial, leading to tissue mosaicism. Gonads Features that are constant in 47,XXY males are small, soft testes with elevated gonadotropins. As most SCA individuals are identified due to an associated finding, data on healthy SCA individuals in the general population is severely limited; therefore, population-based studies, which are independent of the varying rate of clinical ascertainment, are necessary to more accurately assess prevalence of SCA in the adult population and the impact on their fertility. The likelihood of X chromosome nondisjunction increases with advancing maternal age. Replacement of androgens also allows for development of masculine secondary sex characteristics, improved self-esteem, and increased libido, strength, and bone mineral density. For example, in melanoma patients, high somatic copy number alterations are associated with less effective response to immune checkpoint blockade anti— CTLA-4 cytotoxic T lymphocyte—associated protein 4 therapy.

Sex chromosomal human aneuploids

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  1. This results in four daughter cells with an unpredictable complement of chromosomes, but in the normal copy number.

  2. XXY aneuploidy is the most common disorder of sex chromosomes in humans, with prevalence of one in males.

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