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5 Secret Ways Narcissist Uses You In Bed

Manipulate sex

Are you starting to feel scared or worthless in the company of this person? The male can act in a masculine or feminine way and a female can act in a masculine or feminine way. There is what society wants and expects of us and then there is what we need to do have the experiences we incarnated to have. To allow ourselves to grow and unfold at the expense of the other is control and manipulation. Although the potency and fertility of the inner masculine can be resurrected, it is very difficulty to do alone. The problem with using sex as a weapon of manipulation and control is that neither the masculine or the feminine "wins" that sexual control. The person often spins the facts regarding your sex life to change your perspective.

Manipulate sex

Are you starting to feel scared or worthless in the company of this person? Anyone who can control with whom another procreates has tremendous power over the individual. So good, in fact, that even when they are abusing people, these people cannot recognize it or cannot get out of the relationship because they have become so dependent. You get frustrated trying to interpret his feelings for you. Although the potency and fertility of the inner masculine can be resurrected, it is very difficulty to do alone. In this separation there is the desire. Identity and role reversal - the victim's identity and well being may be entangled with that of the abuser Emotional lability - sudden, unexpected emotions which can be very intense, Suppressed rage - victims of sex and mind control may have had to deny or hide their anger. Not one or the other but both. It spans the spectrum from the free expression of our creative spirit to it becoming thwarted in its express to the point that is can essentially shrivel up and die. Beware of the sexual psychopath In his book, Without Conscience: For some women, this carries on from adolescence into adulthood. The sex becomes for their gratification only, or to demonstrate their superiority. Only a complete surrender to the flow of energy created by the longing within will we reunite the observer and the observed in oneness. As a tool of control and manipulation, sexual favors are suggested or given only as an enticement to get what an individual wants of the other. The people to whom mind control and manipulation comes naturally are often psychopaths and they are often very good at it. The bottom line on sexual manipulation and control Top Although there permutations and combinations of ways that sex can be used for manipulation and control is extremely vast, what needs to be said and understood can be condenses into a few simply statements. These dangerous individuals use the tools and techniques of mind control to influence others. When another person or partner starts playing manipulative sexual games with you, it should be a red flag and a warning sign that the relationship or the sexual intent of the person may be warped and dysfunctional. Similarly, how we respond to, and what we think about, God is greatly determined by whether or not we perceive God to be male, female or neither male or female. Destructively, the depth and breadth of how sex is used as a weapon of control and manipulation is tremendously vast. Individual manipulation and control Although most are unaware, probably the most prevalent way sex is used is that it is used as a weapon of control and manipulation more often than not at a nonconscious level. Many generalities can be made about what man wants and what a women wants. Chances are, when you connect with a man on an emotionally precarious level, your body will be more obliged to his ways of physical seduction. If this sounds familiar, you may be falling victim to sexual emotional manipulation. The essence of sexuality as a weapon of control and manipulation is that the masculine and feminine aspects of being and the masculine and feminine aspects of the creative process each have a natural "draw" or pull for each other within their essence. Ladies, always remember that nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Manipulate sex

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  1. Nonconscious use of sexuality for control and manipulation is really about programming and what we think and believe about sex. After all, if he really does like you, why would he keep giving you mixed signals?

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