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Indian gay male sex

Oxford University Press; Same sex behaviour and relationships in India tend to be much more fluid and the associated sexual identities do not always fall into distinctive categories i. Much more work is needed to determine how to best help MSM minimize sexual risk, address mental health concerns, and engage in healthy lives. Such a person could be categorized as an MSM, even though he might not view or consider such intimacy to be considered as sex in his cultural milieu, and he might not be willing to be forthcoming about his desire to be with other men. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender health: Therefore, by default, adults are excluded and so MSM should be considered for these immunizations, since both of these hepatic viruses are readily sexually transmitted. Questions about sexual desire can also be particularly important for men not comfortable discussing issues related to their sexual identities. Same-sex love in India:

Indian gay male sex

Sexual behaviour, as the abbreviation MSM usually addresses, does not correlate entirely with sexual identity and orientation in many cases, but rather focuses on a description of sexual practices. Indian J Commun Med. A meta-analytic review of HIV behavioural interventions for reducing sexual risk behaviour of men who have sex with men. Makadon Find articles by Harvey J. The prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse problems in this population also exceeds rates found in the general population in other countries Secondary to social rejection and stigmatization, clinical depression may be more common in MSM than other men. Police powers and public health. Having a list of mental health professionals in the area who are comfortable in accepting patients in need of this type of counselling would be useful. Culture and sexuality in India Although in Indian culture, heterosexuality has been openly considered the norm, there is much evidence, both historical as well as recent, showing that men in India have and continue to engage in different types of sexual or other relationships. Implications for HIV interventions. Loss and recovery of self under colonialism. As such the information on MSM in India is relatively limited, as there has historically been a lack of research in this population. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. A systematic review of the literature. These studies underscore the need for a much more vigilant and aggressive prevention and education campaigns targeted towards MSM. A large-scale HIV-prevention programme among female sex workers and men who have sex with men in four Indian states. Geographic diffusion and bisexual concurrency. This may require taking into consideration a patient's religious and cultural beliefs, socio-economic status, and behaviours that have direct health implications. Sexual practices, HIV and sexually transmitted infections among self-identified men who have sex with men in four high HIV prevalence states of India. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; HIV-1, MSM, primary care, sex behaviour, sexually transmitted infections Introduction Providing high quality and effective health care to patients requires knowledge about their lives and circumstances. A study from Tamil Nadu which used respondent-driven sampling found a herpes simplex virus-2 HSV-2 and syphilis prevalence of 28 and 8 per cent, respectively Aside from issues related to HIV and STIs, however, there is likely little attention to the health care needs of MSM throughout medical education leading to a lacuna in knowledgeable care for this population 3. Mitra S, Crane L. Perceptions about sexual risk, HIV and sexually transmitted disease testing, and provider communication. Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of anal cancer. Although it may be challenging to elicit such information from married Indian men, the importance is underscored by a recent study showing that MSM married to women have a substantially higher risk of being HIV-infected than unmarried MSM 8.

Indian gay male sex

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  1. Love in a different climate: The Fenway guide to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender health.

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