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Video about frontline sex slaves:

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Frontline sex slaves

Is that the reason why: So, there is no doubt that corruption exists and is one of the many reasons why this slave trade is able to flourish in many of these countries. We respected his wishes. Was it worth it? A year-old Ukrainian native, Oksana, was sold 13 times during her captivity and recalls being held in a cramped apartment with other women, one of whom sought help from the authorities only to be exploited by policemen. Katia was still pregnant when she returned, but on account of the drugs and abuse she endured at the hands of her traffickers, she had to terminate her pregnancy.

Frontline sex slaves

Katia is not working. Also, the documentary has aired in two other countries, and we have been able to elicit donations for Tania and the other women in the film, so we have been sending money on to her as we receive it. Is there a way to help a woman in the last night's program? We spoke to an organization in Kiev, Ukraine who ran a small program that was based in a hospital because they were finding that so many women were returning traumatized and with serious medical issues. There has been such an overwhelming response from people who wish to help the women who appear in our documentary. Viorel's search leads him to Vlad, the man who originally sold his wife, and into the heartbreaking world of other women who are sex slaves. EST check local listings. Yes, there are currently many NGOs working on helping the victims when they return home, but resources are scarce so there is always room for improvement. Many countries, including the U. Of course, we couldn't walk away without helping her. Katia last name withheld and her husband Viorel were four months pregnant when she was taken. The abduction the interim period and the return of this gentleman's wife? She has had a hard time recovering from her experience. I am afraid, that the problem with Russia that allows this to happen is poverty and corruption of government and legislation. There are many reasons why these women often don't try to escape. This is the the reason they were vulnerable to traffickers in the first place, and this is still their biggest challenge. We were unable to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was bribery involved in Vlad's case, but it is common knowledge that there is corruption in many of those countries. I was saddened to read that a captured woman escaped only to be abused by the police. Sexually transmitted diseases are common. Thank you for raising this question. By sending her home, they understood that the Moldovan police couldn't or wouldn't do anything and they also wanted to ensure that she couldn't go to the Turkish police. On a previous question someone mentioned Turkey as a tier 2 or 3 country. He can't afford an apartment so they can't live together yet. We did give Tania money to pay for the operation and to help her family, but she still decided to go back since she believed it was the only option she had to earn an ongoing income. I am interested in helping her and saw the information about the trust fund set up by the Canadian production company. There is information provided to many of these women at the ports and borders when they exit the country, though there is certainly more work to be done on that front. She returned to Ukraine to have her baby.

Frontline sex slaves

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  1. Was it worth keeping your journalistic distance and letting Tania go back as a sex slave in Turkey instead of helping her?

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