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Top 10 Hottest Sex Positions

Finger sex play positions

See-Saw This is a simple move that will get you nice and warmed up, especially if he applies a bit of oil or lubricant to his hands. Using the knuckles of each hand to spread your cheeks apart a bit, he will slowly circle his thumbs around each other so that the pads touch the anus as they pass. Maximus is a thick lube great for use with toys. If you're interested in learning these techniques to keep your man addicted and deeply devoted to you as well as having a lot more fun in the bedroom, then you may want to check out the video. Check out this list of positions for anal sex.

Finger sex play positions

Many people feel more comfortable being on the receiving end of anal fingering after having a shower. Some people love feeling stretched and even try to use toys as big as possible. And if it turns out that they need to back off, no problem! Once the finger is inside the anus, it can be moved back-and-forth, care being taken always to keep the tip past the sphincter, or the finger is likely to pop out and will have to be re-inserted, again with the possibility of pain. What is anal fingering? When anal finger play accompanies cunnilingus and not sexual intercourse, it may take the place of vaginal finger play concomitant with cunnilingus, or it may accompany it, the thumb being introduced into the vagina, and the forefinger or middle finger into the anus. Instead, nails should always clipped short and without ragged edges, which can cause internal tearing. The right position can help you relax. Regardless of the sex position chosen, anal play can be very painful if the fingernails are too long on either the fingers used or those adjacent, which grip hard at the perineum or genital area. Having a prior bowel movement to clear out the canal will certainly help. Connecting you with the best love and sex advice for a healthy relationship! Try something as simple as coconut oil. While you might not like anal fingering or even incorporate backdoor exploration into every sexual rendez-vous, you might be pleasantly surprised how much you like adding a little anal play to intercourse or masturbation. More on that here. Check The Clock The clock face is a great way to envision just about any erogenous zone when it comes time to explore its idiosyncrasies. He must just remain still, applying pressure, and wait. This is usually due to the sympathetic excitation of the nerve centers controlling defecation when the anal sphincter is titillated, and the person may find, upon going to the bathroom, that there is really no necessity at all. Click here to get it. The fingernails should therefore be clipped. Are you simply curious about anal sex? However, if you try this sexual position, beware of the transmission of hepatitis. The anus provides no natural lubrication, which can lead to tiny tears and even increase your risk of sexually transmitted infections. He needs to press along the outer edge of the rectum with his finger, stopping to make small circles at each hour. The same sex positions used for cunnilingus give access to the anus, and part of the fun of trying this sexual pleasure may well be the maneuvering into the correct sex position for easy access. It might take a little practice to find out how much warm-up someone needs.

Finger sex play positions

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