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Can a Mother's Diet Have an Influence on Gender and Complexion of a Baby?

Diet to determine sex of baby

We asked reproductive experts, obstetricians, and those who promote some of the sex -selection methods to explain and weigh in on the options. Spinach is easy to include in smoothies along with milk of choice or yogurt!! There are a lot of tips out there on the internet about how to conceive a specific gender but these are my top 3 tips on how to conceive a certain gender, and strangely enough these tips worked for me! As with any diet, you should consult your doctor before adding or removing food groups from your diet. I think it could be fun to know you had some sort of control over the sex of your child. Biological Sciences, April 23, ; online edition. The recommended foods to eat are milk, creamy, milk-based sauces without salt, unsalted butter, strawberries, onions, garlic, mustard, pears, and yogurt.

Diet to determine sex of baby

If the intercourse occurs earlier or later, the odds of getting pregnant could decline, he says. Studies have shown that in many animals, more males than females are born to mothers that have plentiful resources or rank high in the group, the researchers noted. In general, the overall chance of getting pregnant each month is fairly low, he says. But that doesn't stop people -- everyone from your Grandma to the stranger in your gynecologist's waiting room -- from suggesting a variety of approaches to influence the sex of your unborn child. And finding an association between dietary habits or intercourse timing or other approaches and having more girl or boy babies is different than finding a cause and effect, he points out. An additional son per 20 births was down to eating more than calories compared with fewer than calories of the low intake group and there was an average difference between the mothers of boys and girls of calories per day. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: By adjusting the body chemistry to be more acidic or more alkaline, he says, couples can boost the chances of conceiving their preferred sex. You can read a more detailed description of the acidic and alkaline foods here. Researchers recommend you start the diet one month prior to trying to conceive and continuing the diet until you are pregnant. Truth in old wives' tales on baby gender The study, which links higher energy intake around conception to the birth of sons, provides the first explanation of why the number of boy babies is in decline in the west, suggesting it is the result of women consuming low fat foods and skipping breakfast, among other things. Nor was there a correlation between the body mass index BMI of a mother and the sex of her child. If a couple is trying interventions such as dietary changes or different positions or intercourse timing, he says, "there is a tendency to attribute what you did to getting results [you wanted]. Dr Mathews says this could explain why over the last 40 years there has been a small but consistent decline, of about one per births annually, in the proportion of boys being born in industrialised countries, including the UK, the US and Canada. And if a mother has plentiful resources then it can make sense to invest in producing a son because he is likely to produce more grandchildren than would a daughter. Those who ate breakfast cereals and potassium-rich foods and consumed more total calories daily delivered more boys compared to those who skipped breakfast and ate fewer total calories. The list goes far beyond breakfast cereal and potassium-rich foods like bananas. But the method that suggests having intercourse before or after ovulation, depending on whether a boy or a girl is preferred, may actually reduce the chances of getting pregnant at all, Frieder says, if couples miscalculate their ovulation. In other words, women who want a son should eat a generous bowl of cereal for breakfast, munch bananas, use more salt and boost their overall daily calories by calories - the equivalent of a meal. Go ahead and snack on all those foods that are rich in potassium for an added boost to possibly conceive a boy ; Tip 3-Eat Breakfast Cereal: They found that the food most closely associated with higher caloric intake was breakfast cereal: Conceiving a Specific Gender Through Diet October 29, Today I'm taking a break from the more serious momma topics to talk about something fun and out of the ordinary. One study, for instance, shows that underfed hamsters tend to deliver females while hamsters not restricted on diet do not. Not only is this actually just good practice in general, but it will also be good for your pregnancy and keeping water retention levels low. There is no cause-and-effect proof that what you eat sways the outcome of conception , gender-wise, they say. The findings showed no evidence of a link between the gender and a mother smoking and drinking caffeine prior to pregnancy.

Diet to determine sex of baby

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