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Video about couples demonstrating sex positions:

Porn Stars Teach Couples Sex Moves

Couples demonstrating sex positions

The Zen Pause This is one way to prolong the passion. The tricky part is when the man attempts to enter the woman. The man is in control of the rhythm, leaving the woman free to stroke herself or massage his perineum. This is the perfect position for complete body contact, kissing and caressing. As the couple nears climax, they pause and roll onto their sides without pulling out or breaking contact. You just need to lie on your side curled up, while your man spoons you from the back.

Couples demonstrating sex positions

The Bridge This will take a lot of flexibility and strength on the man's part while the woman straddles him. The Glowing Triangle While it looks like The Missionary position, this one has the man on all fours as the woman lifts her hips to prepare for penetration. As the woman sits on the edge of a table, the man stands before her, bending his legs to enter her. The Prone Tiger With the man sitting up on the bed with legs stretched forward, the woman straddles him with her chest and torso flat on the bed positioned between his legs, her own legs extended and head facing his feet. The woman lies on her stomach and leans on her forearms. If there's a height difference, use a staircase or any heightened surface to align the pelvises. What position will you be trying out tonight? It has been said that it helps to conceive a boy when a man is standing up. The Shoulder Holder In this position, the woman lies on her back with her legs high up in the air. The Toad The Toad is a simple and ideal position for slower love making. The man sits on the bed as she faces him, straddling his hips while bending her knees and lies back. The woman does all the pumping while the man maintains his position. The man kneels in front of the woman and positions his knees behind her shoulders with his hands supporting her lower back. It's a great position for deep penetration and stimulation, and gives the woman control of the movement! The position lets the woman be in control of her movements - moving forward and backward, up and down, and in a circular motion - while the man is free to let his kisses roam her face, neck and breasts. Get ready for deep penetration in this position! The man positions himself on top of her and enters from above. This is a really intimate position as it calls for lots of body and eye contact. The man kneels behind her with his legs on the outside while entering her. With the legs wide open, this position guarantees deep penetration. Hubby can also take a bit of control by placing his hands on his wife's bottom and steer her movement. They slow down the lovemaking and slowly build up to a more astounding peak. The Snail To achieve The Snail, the woman lies on her back, pulls her knees up and rests her feet on her partner's shoulders. The Ship In The Ship, the woman sits on top with both legs to one side of her partner. You just need to lie on your side curled up, while your man spoons you from the back. An image of total wantonness, the woman kneels and leans back, stretching her arms upward.

Couples demonstrating sex positions

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  1. The woman in turn wraps her legs around his torso. The Basket In The Basket, the man sits on a firm surface while the woman sits astride him.

  2. This is a really intimate position as it calls for lots of body and eye contact. The Stair Master Especially for newly married couples, this is one way to "bless" your new home together.

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